Monday, June 29, 2009

Nuclear and All be "Dam"ned!

Tenaga wants to built a nuclear reactor for electricity generation? Sarawak is crazy about dams?

Oh my gosh! What are these people thinking? More contracts? More profits?

First thing before we start constructing, we must start conserving the use of energy. Without conserving or proper strategy, all those constructing will not be enough. Look at Klang valley roads, no proper public transport and what has happenened? Flyovers zigzag here and there. If you leave KL for 1 year and came back, you will loose your way. Puchong flyovers, Sg. Besi flyovers, Damansara flyovers they all confuse me. Worse still, some of the flyovers really fly by your window.

Back to conservation of energy. I think that the government should have a master plan in reducing the usage of electricity. Ban those incandescent lamps. Provide subsidies for the usage of energy efficient light bulbs. Allow only the sale of efficient fridge, washine mashine, aircon and other consumer appliances. The idea is to reduce reduce reduce!

This also goes for water. It is time we take shorter shower. Water efficient shower head, stop those leaks etc. How many dams are we going to built to satisfied our water needs? Is it worth killing the forest so that we can be wasteful?

Do we only start to conserve when we cannot find any new source?

By the way, where do we store all those nuclear waste? I don't think that one can find any dry place in Malaysia to store them.

Well, in the long run, all be damned for short term gain.

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