Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Warrant Calculator

I have written a simple program to compute the premium, percentage premium and simple gearing for the listed warrants in Bursa Malaysia. There are so many warrants now that I find it a chore just to compute using Microsoft Excel. Not only that, getting the correct exchange rate is troublesome. So, I have combined everything into a simple program that allows me to see the basic information.

View 1 shows how it looks like. Here, you can see individual stock with their respective warrants. The premium shown is quoted in the mother stock currency. It tells me whether the warrant can go into the money based on the mother stock chart or how expensive is it. If I think that the mother stock can make a move that is greater than the premium, then I will not hesistate to buy the warrant. The percentage premium is more as a guide not to buy too expensive warrants. The shorter the lifetime of the warrant, the smaller the percentage premium should be. The simple gearing is just a rough guide on how leverage is your warrant. I don't base my buying information based on the gearing.

View 1

View 2 gives an overview of the warrants so that you can compare them. You can list them based on categories (i.e. Hong Kong, USA etc) or list them all. I recommend that you use View 2 to search for "interesting" warrants while View 1 for monitoring of your favorite warrants.

The prices shown are delayed. It is grabbed from publicly available source. The database contains almost all listed warrants (currently 169) in Bursa Malaysia (i.e. Hong Kong, USA, Index and Malaysia) except the exotic type (i.e. OSK Big-20) and the Japan warrant (i.e. Toyota). You can download a sample of my program here.

If you think that the program is beneficial to your program, then you can buy a full version from me (I have invested many manhours in the program). I hope that you will not make multiple copies of my program without paying as I need some motivation to continue maintaining the database. It is a pain in the ass to maintain the database as the information is scattered across Bursa Malaysia website and the one provided by them is not entirely correct.

So, give it a try and tell me about it.

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kl said...

I wish to inform you that I wasn't able download the warrant calculator from the site you provided.